Thursday, August 2, 2012

Warning Letter

Date : _____________

NAME : _____________________ DESIGNATION : ___________________

C/NO.  : _____________________ JOINING DATE : ___________________

Dear Sir / Madam,

We would like to inform you that your present performance is not up to our standard or expectation due to following charge / charges:
1. Absent without permission.
2. Leaving work without permission.
3. Crime like theft and damage of materials.
4. Smoking within the premises of the factory.
5. Giving false information regarding Name, Age and Qualification & Previous Service.
6. Fighting or indecent behavior.
7. Habitual late attendance without sufficient cause.
8. Habitual neglect or negligence of work.
9. Sleeping while on duty.
10. Willful slow work.
11. Others :

As the above mentioned charge / charges No.___________________ was / were proved after conducting an inquiry and in connection with that you were found guilty this is to serve you warning letter No._________________ (Final) and unless your performance is improved we will have no choice _______________ to dismiss you.

Thanking you

Mostaq Ahmed
General Manager

I accept the letter and give my signature as a token of acceptance.

__________________ (Name)                     PM                   HRD                GM                  MD

__________________ (Signature)

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